Chinese Telecoms Company Launch

To unveil their new office in Dubai, a prominent Chinese telecoms company enlisted the help of Global Event Management to help them with a celebratory office launch in the region, and to promote the UAE office to the media and public, creating noise in the market and enhancing brand awareness and the wide spectrum of services in the UAE.

Held at the prestigious Armani Hotel in Dubai, the event catered for established guests, government officials, partners and media alike, to a total of 150 people. No small feat! All event branding included key visuals that showcased a circular medallion symbolising completion and togetherness in the Chinese culture. Connecting the UAE and China like a perfect circle, without beginning and ending, was the basic premise and was designed in pantone colours that reflected brand tones.

Event production included LED and stage backdrops, hostesses in costumes that matched the theme of the event and brand colors, interpretation and translation of all event proceedings, as well as design of a custom sand podium that matched the brand colors of blue and white.

A curved registration desk with a Middle Eastern-inspired patterned background met guests on arrival, along with the costumed hostesses who welcomed each guest to the event. Upon arrival, guests were given a gold pen to sign their names onto the pattern to complete the signing wall, which is now showcased in the client’s Middle East office. LED exhibition panels displayed client information throughout the arrival hall. For the official “launch” moment, CEO, key management and stakeholders were each provided with coloured sand (blue and green), whereby each person poured their sand one after the other onto the sand podium on the stage to create a beautiful sand art piece that signified the coming together of UAE and China.

The production and audiovisual crew, videographer, photographer and the event team worked around the clock in the lead up to the event. With 2 months in the making, this event was brought together with a series of intricate details. A successfully executed event, we consistently display an expertness for pulling off events to an international scale.

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