4 Mall Activations To Boost Footfall & Revenue in 2020

Are you trying to generate more footfall into your malls and stores? Are you trying to create a buzz around your customer's shopping experience? Are you wanting to give them reasons to stay longer, and spend more?

The solution is really quite simple. Give them a reason to come! After all, everything these days is centred around enhancing the customer experience. Through providing some entertainment, you will pull people into your malls, they will stay longer, and guess what, this means they'll spend more.

Here are 5 great activation ideas to do just that.

1. Spring Activation

From parades, dance shows, walking entertainment, to stilt walkers, bring your mall to life with vibrant and exciting activations this spring.

A perfect example of an activation which drew incredibly high footfall to Yas Mall was our 'Adventures In Candyland' 9-da activation for Yas Spring Festival. This created a family-oriented fiesta through spring-themed mall decorations, photo opportunity locations throughout the mall and live on stage, a Kids’ Spring Fashion Shows, strolling entertainment and mascots, and main stage shows. 

Another great example of a spring activation is Souq Waqif Spring Festival. The family-orientated activation brought together some of the most exciting and entertaining acts, street performers, musical shows, acrobats, puppet shows, games, competitions and circus at various locations throughout the souq attracting an audience from all over Qatar. 

2. Summer Activation

It's always important to appeal to families and children in your mall activations. A perfect example for a summer activation is the DinoPark Live Show! This has been created by top theatre and theme park designers, producers and directors, the sound effects by a West End musical director, the costumes designed by film costume designers and the choreography by a world-renowned theatre producer. This is something to certainly draw in the crowds for your summer activation! What's even better is that this can be done inside to escape that summer heat.

 3. National Day Activation

National Day is always a big event here in the UAE. Take this opportunity and create even more buzz in your mall with a week-long activation! From ayallah dancers, face painters, henna tattoos, Arabic tents, to main stage shows, you can do it all! Take a look at our National Day activation in Global Village as a perfect example of how it draws in the crowds:

4. New Year Activation

New Year is an opportunity not to be missed! The Yas Mall NYE activation is a great example of this. The main highlight of this activation was the Times Square stage setup, the ‘Postcards From The World’ which featured messages from people from all over the world wishing everyone a happy new year.

The mall audience was also thoroughly entertained, throughout the night, with regular stage and walkabout entertainment featuring Tanoura Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Violinists, African Drummers, Acrobat Shows, LED shows, Bag Piper, musical bands and caricaturists.

The event was a big hit on social media with a number of people sending in their video messages and photos using the Yas Mall’s #YMNY2016 hashtag. The messages were displayed in real-time on the big screens at the event.

It's safe to say that activations are the perfect way to create entertainment and enhance the customer experience in your malls, and now you've had some mall activation #inspo, it's time to think about your activation calendar for 2020 and how you're going to draw in those all-important crowds! What are you waiting for?


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