Case Study: COP28 - Andrey Melnichenko Foundation's Green Social and Content Milestone

GEM don't just do events! One of latest projects at 'Cop28' gave us the chance to show off our social media, pr and marketing skills. Read our case study...

Pleistocene Park Cop 28

Pleistocene Park at COP28 UAE: Content Highlights

The Andrey Melnichenko Foundation, dedicated to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation, took a groundbreaking step by participating in COP28 in the United Arab Emirates. As part of its commitment to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices, the Foundation embarked on an ambitious social media, PR, and marketing campaign with Global Event Management to highlight the significance of Pleistocene Park and its mission in the global fight against climate change.

Social Media Objectives:

The Andrey Melnichenko Foundation aimed to leverage social media, PR, and marketing skills to achieve several key objectives during COP28:

* Raise awareness about Pleistocene Park and its role in climate change mitigation

* Educate the public on the importance of herbivores in restoring ecosystems.

* Showcase the Foundation's dedication to conservation and environmental causes.

* Garner engagement and content sharing from diverse entities, including governments, semi-government organisations, and private sectors.

Content Creation and Production:

Thanks to Global Event Management the Foundation exceeded its own expectations in terms of content creation and production during the COP28 period.

Key Achievements:

The Andrey Melnichenko Foundation achieved remarkable success through its social media, PR, and marketing efforts during COP28:

Over 400 social media posts were created, including 100 videos, within a single month. Content deliverables exceeded the set targets by 40%, showcasing the Foundation's commitment to delivering impactful content.The content was widely re-shared by various entities, including government, semi-government, and private sectors, indicating its relevance and resonance with diverse audiences.

The Foundation's targeted content strategy demonstrated its considerable reach and impact, effectively raising awareness and engaging with a global audience interested in climate change and conservation.

The Andrey Melnichenko Foundation's participation in COP28 alongside Global Event Management and its dedicated efforts in social media, PR, and marketing skills not only achieved its objectives but also set a benchmark for environmentally conscious organisations worldwide. By exceeding content production targets and garnering significant engagement from diverse entities, the Foundation successfully communicated the importance of Pleistocene Park and its mission in addressing climate change.

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