Abu Dhabi Ports Neeshan Awards 2018

An awards ceremony that would showcase and highlight the excellent performance of key employees is what was asked of us by Abu Dhabi Ports. We delivered in true GEM style. The stunning Sofitel Abu Dhabi ballroom was the backdrop for the Neeshan Awards ceremony and the setting for an awards show that was reminiscent of a night at the Oscars.

Blue hues were used throughout the ballroom to compliment brand pantones, while show lights gave a modern award ceremony touch, and LED beamers reflected stars on the ceiling to give an Oscar feel and reflect the shape of the trophies. Interactive table centers changed colour and evolved throughout the event, while still falling in line with brand colours. Table centers were controlled remotely and brightened upon winner announcement. The 3D moving stage animation acted as the backdrop through the event and award ceremony.

Tasked with designing and developing the Neeshan Award presentation and all artworks, delivering all production elements, and setting up the venue and stage, we once again proved that we deliver excellence (and an awards ceremony!) fit for an Arabian movie star (and very well-deserved employees).

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