Galactica 10th Anniversary Party 2017

GEM was appointed as the preferred events agency by a leading consultancy to create a unique concept and execute the exquisite space theme for their 10th anniversary end of year party.

The chosen theme was Galactica. The event saw the Music Hall at the Zabeel Saray hotel transformed into a spaceship. This included an interactive LED walkway, an interstellar cocktail lounge, with oxygen machines, retro gaming stations, an interactive gaming floor, Deadmouse DJ along with weird and wonderful walkabout characters.

The Main Hall, better known as the Mothership, was transformed with full LED screens all around to give the appearance of being seated in a spaceship flying through space. The evening’s entertainment included a whole host of different acts such as a laser violin battle, an Opera singer, LED pois act, acrobatics and an 8-piece party band.

The crowd was blown away by the spectacular performance by the Earthlights, the headline act flown in from the UK.

The positively overwhelming response from the client was that yet again “GEM had managed to top the previous successful events over the last 3 years.”

“We’ve worked with several other event organizers in the market, but ever since GEM came onboard there’s been a step-change improvement in the quality of our event offerings.

GEM specializes in creating immersive customer experiences and this Galactica party really embodied their flourish for big-picture narrative building with an unparalleled eye for detail.

"The response from our colleagues was overwhelming to say the least and we all look forward to seeing what else they have in store for us in 2018.”



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