RAC 'Drive-In' Movies

Global Event Management used the novel events concept of drive-in movie screenings across the UK to help promote the RAC, get 90% satisfaction rates, encourage RAC customer renewals though a series of added value events, and to create brand awareness amongst potential consumers.

In keeping with the theme of car insurance, a series of drive-in cinemas were planned across the U.K for both RAC members and the general public. The concept was to create a series of family-based outdoor events involving cars, rewarding customer loyalty and promoting the concept of family, driving and the RAC Brand.

Events were held at locations around the UK across several nights. RAC members were offered discounted tickets along with complimentary food vouchers and RAC gifts. Pre promotion was achieved through local media and experiential stunts using the world’s largest box of popcorn, and lookalikes from the several movies being screened.

Over 2000 cinema-goers attended the events, with post-event surveys showing over 90% of respondents rating it with the highest satisfaction level and would attend again.


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